Mission, Vision, Values


To empower Veterans by providing effective alternative therapies and community engagement.


To be the leading provider of alternative treatments for Military and Veteran populations.

Core Values & Ethics

Warrior Wellness Program’s employees, volunteers, participants and other stakeholders are determined to continue the Mission of the organization which is to provide effective alternative therapies to those affected by the traumas of war. Our goal remains to create a healthy, connected, resilient Veteran population. The employees of Warrior Wellness Program will move forward and align with the following set of core values and ethics for all employees and volunteers, including the Board of Directors.

Respectful: We affirm that all staff and volunteers will treat our participants, each other and all stakeholders with the utmost dignity and respect. There is zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination and other abusive behaviors and language.

Ethical: We hold ourselves and each other to an elevated code of professional conduct and ethics, as described in our policies and procedures.

Responsible: We conduct business with transparency, integrity and accountability. We ensure an organization that is open and transparent with communication, fiscal responsibility in all governance and management related matters.

Integrity: We seek to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and manner in all that we do and seek others to help keep us accountable.  We act with honesty and justice for the good of others.

Collaborative: We seek to build valued strategic relationships with like-minded partners to better serve our past and present military.

Quality Focused: We ensure our services are delivered with the highest level of quality. We value the input and feedback of all involved in our organization. We will ensure our efficacy through external evaluation and research and will continually seek opportunities to improve our services.

Warrior Wellness Program

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