Other Therapies

Warrior Wellness Program utilizes an integrative approach to supplement the main modalities of ART, iRest and Adaptive Yoga. Some of these modalities include Music Therapy Techniques, Art Therapy Techniques, Meditative and Mindfulness Workshops, HydroMassage and TRX Training and Conditioning. Camaraderie building activities also play a large part at Warrior Wellness Program and support groups are offered monthly for those who would like to participate.

Music Therapy Techniques are provided during the Accelerated Wellness Program in a group setting.


Sessions of Art Therapy Techniques are provided each day of the Accelerated Wellness Program. Participants are encouraged to practice and share their creative freedom through vision boarding, face masks, palm branch artwork, rock painting, craft kits and more!


Strength conditioning is provided several times throughout the Accelerated Wellness Program. Individuals utilize our TRX suspension training system in 20-25 minute sessions that cater to each individuals’ ability level.


Warrior Wellness is a safe space for Combat Veterans and Active Duty Srevice Members. Veterans can join us for Friday night BBQ’s, support groups, and yoga and iRest classes.


Warrior Wellness Program

1750 Arcadia Road, Holiday, FL 34690
(727) 939-8387 | Info@warriorwellnessprogram.org